28 October 2009

speed scrap anyone!?

Do you love Speed Scraps?? I do - and I know a whole bunch of others do too. Cara of Sweet Tomato designs is hosting a fun speed scrap tonight at 9 pm EST:

Got to love getting a page finished in a couple of hours - and being able to participate in it together with other scrappers and have some fun as well :) I really wish I could join in on this one - but it's far to early in the morning for me (like 3 or 4 am my time) and I have to work tomorrow, so no sleeping in.

Have some fun for me will ya?!!!! ;)

26 October 2009

Spooks - LO's and a blog train

I've been doing a bit of scrapping lately - but sadly not much blogging (at least not here). But now I'm back to show you what I did with Spooks, the new kit from Sweet Tomato designs.

If you want some freebies I also have links to a blog train at the bottom of this post. Yay! And this week the kit is 25% off at both Pretty Scrappy and Designs in Digital - go grab some godies for Halloween ;)

Since I live in Norway we don't celebrate Halloween that much, so I based my LO on my thoughts about the season instead of showing what we (don't) do...

Anyway, here it is - I can't tell you how much I love the colors Cara used in this kit - and that spider is just too cute:

credits: template by me (lime); papers and elements from Spooks by Sweet Tomato designs

journal: I have never carved a pumpkin...
Growing up in Norway in the 70th (and 80th), I didn’t know much about the tradition and celebrations of Halloween. It was first in my teens that I started to learn a few things about it, mostly from watching American sit Com's and dramas on TV. I didn’t pay much attention to it, though, the series mostly aired on the wrong time of t
he year anyway. So most years the fall went by without much thoughts about the season celebrated in other countries. Our stores wasn't filled with pumpkin and scary crows to remind me about it either. Now I know more about the day and how it is celebrated, I also know a bit about the days origin. It's still not a part of my years of celebration, but now we can find scary masks and plastic pumpkin in stores here as well.
Lately I’ve seen Halloween emerge as a celebrated day in our country as well, even small and mostly among the young school kids. I know my kid have started to pick up on it; there might be some trick or treating coming from him in a few years (and a question for some fun and scary costumes). I guess it’s manly the commercial side of it all, that is the background for the emerge of new traditions here. I’m not sure I like that very much; If you asked me I’d rather have Thanksgiving. We live in one of the worlds riches countr
ies, we should set of one day of the year to give thanks and to acknowledge the gift of living in a safe country.
I've registered that there are some different opinions among the churches wheter to celebrate this day or not; knowing a bit about the history I understand why even though I haven't given it much thought myself since this isn't much celebrated here. That being said there isn’t just bad associated with the season; I love the colors, the candy and the overall fun and happy thing about it. And if anyone where to come visiting us on the last day of October, I surely would go in search of any kind of candy or sweets to give them :D

I also made a more spooky LO with MT and his grandpa:

credits: template by Janet Phillips (moderated); elements and papers from Spooks by Sweet Tomato designs

journal: September evenings are dark and never long enough. My dad usually works on the field till he can't distinguish the grains from the grass – and then he have a few many things to take care off ion the farm; in the darkness. MT helped him hold the light one of these fall nights- and he had so much fun making scary faces and spooking around with the flash light. Safe in the darkness, with his Grandpa right by his side.

As you can see - I had some fun making these!!

Now, are you ready for some blog hopping?! The train are already set in motion and here are the stations. Behind all of these links are a freebie from one of my talented friends of the Sweet Tomato designs CT-team and we're starting with Cara the Sweet Tomato herself:

Sweet Tomato Designs

Happy hunting :D

03 October 2009

I'm a new CT for Sweet Tomato Designs :)

Cara of Sweet Tomato Designs have given me a place on her CT team. I'm so happy and can't wait to start creating with her designs. As a CT for Pretty Scrappy (the store) I've already scrapped with two her kits, the Darjeeling Kit and Autumn Bliss


I love her deep, rich colors; the yellow in both of these kits are making me feel light and warm :D This is what I have made before (click images for credits and journaling):

ice cream

the king of the woods

And this one I made yesterday (with an old photo I've been waiting to scrap forever):

explore. learn.

I only wish I knew when this photo was captured, but the cell phone ¨photo file doesn't tell me that. My guess is 2-3 or something years ago. I know for a fact that it's taken when we lived in the western part of Norway, but that is all (at least for now). :)

We got our first snow of the season today. I was planning moving to our new house, but I'm not driving on snowy roads with my summer tires - so now I'm blogging instead :D

Better go and pack a few more boxes, this snow is bound to go away in a few hours and then we'll see if we are in the mood for moving like planned - or if we rather stay here a little bit more (having fun surfing on our broad band, hehe). In that case we are going to the store because we are out of a few essentials...... Anyhow, see you around!!

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