03 October 2009

I'm a new CT for Sweet Tomato Designs :)

Cara of Sweet Tomato Designs have given me a place on her CT team. I'm so happy and can't wait to start creating with her designs. As a CT for Pretty Scrappy (the store) I've already scrapped with two her kits, the Darjeeling Kit and Autumn Bliss


I love her deep, rich colors; the yellow in both of these kits are making me feel light and warm :D This is what I have made before (click images for credits and journaling):

ice cream

the king of the woods

And this one I made yesterday (with an old photo I've been waiting to scrap forever):

explore. learn.

I only wish I knew when this photo was captured, but the cell phone ¨photo file doesn't tell me that. My guess is 2-3 or something years ago. I know for a fact that it's taken when we lived in the western part of Norway, but that is all (at least for now). :)

We got our first snow of the season today. I was planning moving to our new house, but I'm not driving on snowy roads with my summer tires - so now I'm blogging instead :D

Better go and pack a few more boxes, this snow is bound to go away in a few hours and then we'll see if we are in the mood for moving like planned - or if we rather stay here a little bit more (having fun surfing on our broad band, hehe). In that case we are going to the store because we are out of a few essentials...... Anyhow, see you around!!

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