31 October 2008

Cozy Sweater by Jess Gordon

Jess Gordon is out with another kit. Cozy Sweater got inspired by the favorite warm sweater of Jess's son (read more about it at her blog, a LO with both the sweater and the boy is due!).

It's available for a short time at Christina Renee's store, so jump right over.

here is what I got inspired to make:

paper and elements from Cozy Sweater by Jess Gordon, available at Christina Renee Designs; snow elements from winter breeze from MK design


Thanks for another ct-call, Jess :)

I'm happy to do another; I'm sure you can't stop creating kits even though this months block party at Christina Renee's place is over.... ;)

Everyday magic

Brittney of Britt-ish design hosts a challenge at Scrapmatters called everyday magic. For almost a month now I've been meaning to scrap a page about our everyday days. Finally I got around to it tonight :D

Our everyday days is just as magical as any special day. Here is some photos from our life:

Template by Scrapmuss design; paper, elements and alpha from the bright side by Britt-ish design; labels made with the labelmaker at atomic cupcake

Better catch up on some sleep! See you tomorrow.

a scraplift and new ct adventures

After not doing scraps for a few days I did two late yesterday evening /this morning ;) The first one was for speed scrap #39, I scrapped about MT and snow ball making. The second one was a scraplift challenge and I scraplifted this:

and came up with this:

the bright side kit by Britt-ish design

I love those angel wings ;)

And right when I was finished and ready for bed I got an email from Jess, asking if I would do another ct-job for her and her new kit. But off course! So that's what I'm doing today.

That and drinking coffee......

Speed Scrap #39

Joined Speed Scrap at Scrapmatters tonight (and by that I mean night!) I'm seriously tired and are going right to bed as soon as this is posted. ;)

everything is from "the bright side" by Britt-ich design!

27 October 2008

fun creating

One of the really great things in my life right now is the joy of scrapping and taking photos. I'm in the middle of learning new things about PSE (photoshop elements). I've always loved colors and making stuff, but now I feel like I have a proper tool to help me creat beautiful stuff (at least I think they are... ;)). Tonight I've tried out how to use an overlay thanks to Happy Scrap Girl's freebie (THANKS!).

See here what I did with a photo of MT. I love this grunge look, it suits this photo so well! :D

And then I've been trying to make papers using my own photo as a background. I'm only a student here, but I'm having so much fun trying it out!

Although I think I need a color palette to work with......you should have seen all the other colors I tried - lol. And some more practice! Not to mention that I need to use the highest image quality when I'm shooting photos, so I can make a 12x12! Maybe I also need to figure out what RAW is all about ;)

Enjoy your day!
lime :)

26 October 2008

my Father's world

This is my Father's world
an old hymn about Gods creation

This is my Father’s world,
and to my listening ears
all nature sings, and round me rings
the music of the spheres.
This is my Father’s world:
I rest me in the thought
of rocks and trees, of skies and seas;
his hand the wonders wrought.

This is my Father’s world,
the birds their carols raise,
the morning light, the lily white,
declare their maker’s praise.
This is my Father’s world:
he shines in all that’s fair;
in the rustling grass I hear him pass;
he speaks to me everywhere.

This is my Father’s world.
O let me ne’er forget
that though the wrong seems oft so strong,
God is the ruler yet.
This is my Father’s world:
why should my heart be sad?
The Lord is King; let the heavens ring!
God reigns; let the earth be glad!

- Isn't it some beautiful words?
Thanks to Jess and the Olive kit I got to know it :D

Olive - Fathers world

I got inspired and did finish another LO from the Olive kit. This time the lyrics of the sheet of music you can see was what got me going. Read it here (roll down a little bit) - here at my place.

It's lots going on here, seems to be my style ;)

alpha, paper and elements from Color Theory: Olive, by Jess Gordon, available at Christina Renee Designs; staples from Mira design

It's so late, it's almost early..... Got to go to bed, night!

25 October 2008


Yesterday Jess of Scrapbook ideas announced that she wanted a ct-team for her first kit. I found the courage to apply. And was accepted - how cool is that!! Thanks for having faith in me, Jess ;D

At the Christina Renee designs several designers have participated in making the collaborate kit think pink, Jess was one of the designers. Afterward the designers started designing a full kit in only one color, they called the project "Color Theory". The designers got to choose their own color to make their kit in - and Jess choose the OLIVE color.

This is what Jess designed:

You can read a bit more about this in her blog.

At first I got a bit scared when I started scrapping, this was my first ever ct-call - and even though it was just for this kit I wanted it to be fantastic and special. After a while, and a lot of interruptions later, I calmed down, added a bit of colors and came up with this (as close to one color LO I can get!):

alpha, paper and elements from Color Theory: Olive, by Jess Gordon, available at Christina Renee Designs; stitches by Britt-ish design, available at Scrapmatters.

This was in fact my second attempt with the kit, I wasn't too happy about the first - but later tonight I'm going to see if I can make it to something I want to show ;)

24 October 2008

just blow

I joined the other speed scrap of the week at Scrapmatters tonight. Not often they comes so close together, but kind of nice to speed scrap twice in one day (sort of...). I'm really tired, so this is just a short post - the linking and such will be done tomorrow!
The first edition:

The second edition:

Papers by Britt-ish design and Scrapmuss design. Elements by britt-ish design and Mira design. alpha by E Powers. Template by Joy revisited design.

23 October 2008

Winter approaching

Another speed scrap in the middle of the night. This is too fun ;)
Posted this to the gallery at Scrapmatters:

papers and elements by MK designs; date by Mira designs; alpha by Ellie Lash designs; template by Sya's blueprints

A few minutes later (but to late for the speed scrap) I altered it a bit and are more satisfied with this version, no matter if it doesn't count in the challenge ;)

I'm going back to sleep now.
Ups, my kid woke up, better get him to sleep, it's nighty night for the both of us ;)

22 October 2008

summer friends

I've been wanting to scrap this photo of MT and his friends for a long time. It is from this summers sunny days by the beach. We don't see our friends so often these days, and we really enjoyed staying with them for a few days :D

paper and elements from peachy keen, Songbird Avenue October kit; elements by Mira designs

I scraplifted the above LO from this LO by Neeceebee (Denise) at Scrapmatters.

I loved the hands and the focus on friends and summer.

I wanted to use the blue color as well, but my LO wanted it differently..... :D

And one of these days I am going to have more space and air!


we are going to eat some dinner now. better get my son of the computer and tear myself away too. we are a terrible geeky family ;)

21 October 2008

fall farm

I love taking photos of the farm in the fall. There is something about the harvesting of nature. Here is a few photos, I've taken this fall, scrapped:

Template by Scrapmuss design; papers and elements by Emily Powers

When fall comes there is always lots to do at the farm. Picking fruit, harvesting the crops and sowing some for the next season. I love the fall time at the farm, at least those days without rain, and I wish I could spend more time outside this beautiful time of year, helping dad with it all. I guess he’d love that too!

watching ya!

I've spent the last hour or so talking online with a friend from the other side of the world. Internet do rock - and surely brings people together, from all kinds of places! Nice talking to you, Val! So glad to know you and for sharing the joy of the pack rat, blogging and the digi scrapping kind of life. lol. ;)

....I have also finished a new scrap page with MT and my dad, from this weekend. I love his smile watching his grandpa approaching. ;D

paper and elements from Falling in love (mostly) by MK design; date ribbon, stitches and staples by Mira design

Now it's late. Better get some sleep!!!
Nighty. night!

17 October 2008

the speedy biker

This has been in the making for a few days. Had some problems figuring out title and journaling. I love this photo of MT, he's just himself talking away......telling stories. He loves to ride his bike fast ;)

This was my first ever try on extraction, it won't be the last. That was seriously fun :D

papers and elements by Emily Powers; elements by Andilynn designs; elements by Britt-ish design; element by Dani Mongstad; elements by Angela Powers; elements by Mira design; paper by Ellie Lash;alpha by Jeni Hopewell design; alpha by Cinnamon design

Have a blessed weekend!

snowy scrap

I barely finished this one tonight, it was harder to do than I imagined..... how come?! lol. Anyway I think it might be a bit overdressed, but I'm happy with this for now. Wish I did some real journaling, though. I might add that later!

template by Britt-ish design; paper, alpha and elements by MK designs

The photos is from December 30th of 2007. MT had so much fun with all the snow we got last year since we hardly got any snow by the fjord, where we used to live.

And now he's waiting for the snow to come again; he want to use his skis and make jumps for the toboggan. ;) His mom would rather be driving on snow free roads a month longer....

~added a bit more off journaling:
MT loves to play in the snow
we lived for a few years by the fjord with hardly any snow. Now we live closer to the mountains with plenty of the white stuff!

Nighty night!

16 October 2008

speed scrapping in the night

Couldn't help but join in on the speed scrap at Scrapmatters tonight. It's right in the middle of the night here, so usually I'm not able to do this "evening" edition. But I'm not going anywhere tomorrow and I managed to get out of bed a couple of hours ago.....

...and scrapped this:

Template by Janet Phillips; Elements and paper by Britt-ish design; Elements and paper by Emily Powers

I'm really pleased with the result, I love these outdoors photos from October 11th! I might scrap a few more....but now I long for the bed again. It's only 5:30 am here and I've been up for two hours, need a bit more sleep me thinkes.....

Nighty, night!

14 October 2008

tell your tales

The talented and inspiring Jessica Sprague is opening a new class - Stories in Hand.

Anyone can register, there is plenty of room and the whole thing is free as well.

How great is that!

I'm planning on signing on, come October 20th, sure could use some tips and tricks to tell the stories of our every day life - not only the big event.

Take a look at the flyer for the details.


speed scrap #34

I joined in on the Speed Scrap at Scrapmatters tonight. Since MT went to a friend I was afraid I wouldn't reach it, but thankfully I easily found both photos and papers. And even though I had just one hour to finish, I got it posted in time. I think this is the fastest LO I've ever made!!
Take one:
Paper, elements and alpha by Dani Mongstad; Button from the September kit by Songbird Avenue; Brad by Mira Design; Template by designs by Rhonda

The alpha did bother me, though, so after I put MT to bed I used another half an hour to produce a sligthly different look.
Take two:
Paper and elements by Dani Mongstad; Button from the September kit by Songbird Avenue; Brad and alpha by Mira Design; Template by designs by Rhonda

Now I can go to sleep feeling I accomplished something.

Which one do you like?

13 October 2008


This took me some time, but finally I got it right ;)

Love this photo of MT, I took it on Saturday, October 11th, while rooming around in the forest/fields by our house. It's my first ever go on selective coloring, and that was seriously fun! (a big thanks to Saturday special at scrapmatters for the challenge AND for showing me how to do it! This week we're supposed to do extractions, can't wait to learn how to do that!)

So here it is:

papers (blended by me) and elements from the October kit from Songbird Avenue; template by Kylie M designs; alpha by Melanie Lucas; hanging clips, date and torn strip by Britt-ish design; staple by Mira design; cross stitches by Amy Teets.

10 October 2008

pretty sweet

At the moment I'm on sick leave from work (or how to call it), I am so tired of thinking about a few problems we have there, that I had to take a two week long time-out, to regroup and recover. Hopefully this will do us all some good.

Scrapping is one of the things that take my mind of things. And I really enjoy it too :D

This is my sweet niece and todays LO, that I made using the newest kit from Mira design. Love it.

Papers and elements from Sweet Bird by Mira design + elements from ABC label and Boyish Charm by her; datetag by Britt-ish design; template by Sya's blueprints.

I'd better get to bed, it's midnight and I try to start a new trend of a not-so-late bedtime.... It's not going that well as of yet, but there is always hoping! ;)


peachy keen and fall colors

Yesterday I worked on a new scrap page, I wanted it to be all about the beautiful colors of fall, use it as my entry at the In Living Color challenge at Srapmatters and I wanted to use the new October kit from Songbird Avenue, that I bought a week ago. It took me some time to get those three together!

I usually tend to not use too many soft and pinkish colors, but this kit is more than that - no matter the name and the overall feel of PEACHY KEEN ;) And off course - I look forward to scrap pages of my niece and my friends three daughters with it - it is perfect for those occasions!

To the left is an image of the kit.
This month’s guest designer is Pamela Gibson! This month’s proceeds go to benefit the Animal Haven.

It's still up for sale, so jump over to Songbird Avenue and take a closer look.

Back to my fall colors.
After some blending and some help from other fantastic kits (see credit) this was what I came up with; after working on and off for most of the day :D lol

Papers from Peachy Keen; October kit from Songbird Avenue;
Paper from Autumn Woods, September kit from Songbird Avenue;
Frame (blended into the red background paper) from Endless Summer, July kit from Songbird Avenue; Elements and alpha from Whooo Loves Fall and Boyish Sharm by Mira designs;
Tree element from Snow Wonder by Ellie Lash;
Template by neeceebee design

Later I'll try another approach with the kit (mentioned above), maybe even I can go all peachy?!?!

09 October 2008

here is FALL

Did this for the sketch challenge at DigiChick. The photo was taken at my parents farm last weekend, the view is north west. Love the snow on top of the mountain in the background, the snow on the mountain came October 1st.

Template by Juli Fish; Hanging clip by Britt-ish design; Word tag by Dani Mongstad; Paper, elements and alpha by Mira design

08 October 2008


HI! Nice to see you!

I created this blog mostly to have a place to redirect you to my real LIMEblog. Sometimes I'm not able to comment on blogger blogs with other than having a blog there my self; so now I have one too and can comment where ever I like ;) (almost...)

Then it also is a nice place to showcase my scrap LOs.

I might find other uses for this blog in the future also, but for now please head over here for more of me!