17 October 2008

snowy scrap

I barely finished this one tonight, it was harder to do than I imagined..... how come?! lol. Anyway I think it might be a bit overdressed, but I'm happy with this for now. Wish I did some real journaling, though. I might add that later!

template by Britt-ish design; paper, alpha and elements by MK designs

The photos is from December 30th of 2007. MT had so much fun with all the snow we got last year since we hardly got any snow by the fjord, where we used to live.

And now he's waiting for the snow to come again; he want to use his skis and make jumps for the toboggan. ;) His mom would rather be driving on snow free roads a month longer....

~added a bit more off journaling:
MT loves to play in the snow
we lived for a few years by the fjord with hardly any snow. Now we live closer to the mountains with plenty of the white stuff!

Nighty night!

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