27 October 2008

fun creating

One of the really great things in my life right now is the joy of scrapping and taking photos. I'm in the middle of learning new things about PSE (photoshop elements). I've always loved colors and making stuff, but now I feel like I have a proper tool to help me creat beautiful stuff (at least I think they are... ;)). Tonight I've tried out how to use an overlay thanks to Happy Scrap Girl's freebie (THANKS!).

See here what I did with a photo of MT. I love this grunge look, it suits this photo so well! :D

And then I've been trying to make papers using my own photo as a background. I'm only a student here, but I'm having so much fun trying it out!

Although I think I need a color palette to work with......you should have seen all the other colors I tried - lol. And some more practice! Not to mention that I need to use the highest image quality when I'm shooting photos, so I can make a 12x12! Maybe I also need to figure out what RAW is all about ;)

Enjoy your day!
lime :)

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Heather said...

Hi there, great blog you have! It'll be fun to visit. :) Thanks for stopping by at my neck of the woods too.

Have a blessed day-