25 October 2008


Yesterday Jess of Scrapbook ideas announced that she wanted a ct-team for her first kit. I found the courage to apply. And was accepted - how cool is that!! Thanks for having faith in me, Jess ;D

At the Christina Renee designs several designers have participated in making the collaborate kit think pink, Jess was one of the designers. Afterward the designers started designing a full kit in only one color, they called the project "Color Theory". The designers got to choose their own color to make their kit in - and Jess choose the OLIVE color.

This is what Jess designed:

You can read a bit more about this in her blog.

At first I got a bit scared when I started scrapping, this was my first ever ct-call - and even though it was just for this kit I wanted it to be fantastic and special. After a while, and a lot of interruptions later, I calmed down, added a bit of colors and came up with this (as close to one color LO I can get!):

alpha, paper and elements from Color Theory: Olive, by Jess Gordon, available at Christina Renee Designs; stitches by Britt-ish design, available at Scrapmatters.

This was in fact my second attempt with the kit, I wasn't too happy about the first - but later tonight I'm going to see if I can make it to something I want to show ;)

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Anonymous said...

I LOVE it!!! Girl, you have nothing to be worried about - you are so talented and I know there are plenty of designers out there who would have you on their CT in a heartbeat :). Thanks so much for making such a gorgeous layout with my kit :)!!! -xo Jess