23 May 2009

layouts + a winner!

It's been some busy days lately in my real life so I'm just now getting around to posting my recent layouts and the winner for my challenge (last week). Yay!


(for credits click at the images):

I joined in on the chat with Amanda of Taylor Made designs yesterday. It was fun and very new to me - but I think I will try it out again ;) In the chat she had a challenge for us and I made this LO:

Amanda wanted us to focus on the use of blending modes and she linked us with this tutorial. It was so fun, I don't do this very often - at least not on photos (I love to bled papers!!). Here is my original photo:

First I made this:

Using these blending modes:

o. original
1. screen
2. multiply 90%
3. soft light (black-white)
4. screen (sepia)
5. soft light (sepia)
6. overlay (sepia)

Then I made this - my favorite:

Using these blending modes:

1. filled the background with light-blue color
2. color dodge
3. screen
4. overlay
5. vivid light
6. saturation (black and white)
7. soft light

When I put together the layout I originally wanted to use the original photo, but I ended up changing it up a bit (using blending modes that I can't remember) and making it black and white... It took me some time to get the layout together, but I'm so pleased with the result!! Thanks for the challenge Amanda - and for the freebies as well!!

Then I made this for her other challenge at Catscrap:

This week Fei-Fei stuff's is in the spotlight at Oscraps, she gave us freebies and the full tilt challenge (it lasts till Sunday so why not join in on the fun!!). I made two LO's using her fantastic tilted templates:

And finally over to the winner
of my challenge!

I love how you used my template Natacha! Thanks for joining in and please send me an email to limeblog (here you put in the at) gmail.com and let me know where you want to spend the $4 price - and I'll send you a giftcard from that shop! You might be the only one entering my challenge - but I love how you dressed it non the less!!

The image is linked, please jump over to her gallery and give her some love and see credits for the papers and elements :D

I'm now putting a password to my template, send me an email (address above) if you want it ;) And if anyone use it (it's been downloaded 250 times so I guess someone is using it...) - please let me now!!

08 May 2009

free block template + a challenge!

As you can see from my latest scrapbook pages I've hit a boxy nerve. I just can't stop using the blocks for my layout (or so it seems). As a result I decided to make my own templates from scratch just to satisfy my need for squares(!) lol.

Then I thought it would be fun to share - and to make it a challenge! If you - download the template below, make it your own, upload it to your favorite gallery and then return back here no later than May 15th (midnight) - I'll enter you in a drawing of $4 to spend at your digi scrapbook shop of choice.

Seems like fun?! I hope so! Can't wait to see your take on it!!

Here is one of the two layouts I made with this template (the other one is a few posts down - and is the very first LO I made using my own template - that was kind of special!):

credits: papers and elements from It's my party, March collab at Pretty Scrappy, template by CHILIlime design {me}
Candles from MT's 6-years birthday party, I love how the lights are in focus and the children are blurred in the background.
Now it's your turn!
Download by clicking the image. (Let me know if anything is wrong)

Hoping to see your creations soon!

06 May 2009

speed scrapping again

Super fun with Speed Scraps at Scrapmatters two days in a row :D
Almost pulled a scrapping muscle there, but I dragged my self over the finish line. And this is what I made:


elements and papers from Troublemaker by Flergs; alpha from After School by Lynne-Marie; template by me

Last summer we went in several stores looking for a small skate board for MT. But everyone was sold out. In the end we gave up and I think MT forgot that he wanted it sooooo badly. The snow board he got for Christmas helped probably... But when I looked fo
r a small extra gift for his birthday I found it: a skate board in his size. He was so happy and have been trying it ever since. Like everything else it's not as easy to jump and ...... as he thinks so right now he's a bit upset with it. But I'm sure he's going to pick it up again soon - practice makes master!


papers and elements from In the Neighborhood by Casey Krause; string and staple by Britt-ish design; template by me

Journal: I love watching how spring takes over and chasing the winter away. This year it came early.

This last one was one of my ct-assignment at Pretty Scrappy this month. Orginally I fell for the bold colors and the drawings, but in the end I used a couple of white papers and very few elements... ooops. The alpha is gorgeous, though.

05 May 2009

MT and Bea

Bea is one of our good friends from back where we used to live 1.5 years ago, she is also one of MT's godparents. We don't see her as often as we wish, but this weekend we spend a few days together.

Credits: elements from shine on and unscripted no.3 by TaylorMade; papers and elements from bloom+grow by Ali Edwards, Amy Wolf and Meredith Fenwich; papers and element from de*lovely by Paislee Press and The Queen of Quirk; template by me
Journal: This weekend our good friend Bea came to stay with us. It was so nice to catch up, celebrate birthdays, drink coffee and just hang out together. I shot a few photos of Bea and MT, this one is my favorite. I love MT's half smile and the way Bea looks at him. So much humor and love there!
As you can see; I'm still testing out my block templates ;)

03 May 2009

flower girls

I love spring flowers :)

Made with the May collab from Pretty Scrappy - Dew Drops - and my own block template.
Spring of 2009 I learned this:
Invite girls to a boys birthday party - and you suddenly have the house filled with flowers. Thank you girls!!

Happy belated {inter}national
scrap booking day!!

I'm a bit on the busy side this weekend, but come back in a few days and I'll have the template ready for you as a freebie ;) ...maybe sooner?

01 May 2009

may blog train and a freebie :)

It really is sad that I'm only been here for the blog-trains lately, but that's life - a little too busy now and then - I do have a few scrap pages to show off, though, so I'll be back as soon as possible.

But here is the blog train at least. And a freebie :)

This month the designers at Pretty Scrappy teamed up to make the Dew Drops kit:

As you can see there are plenty of papers and elements, I used only a few to create this BB:

Hopefully I get some time to play with the kit some more and make a more rain-related LO ;) I'm loving the kids under the umbrella and the boot.

Anyhow I've made the above BB into a QP for you to grab. Please leave me a little comment when you do. Thank you for downloading!

Click the image to download, let me know if there is a problem.

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