06 May 2009

speed scrapping again

Super fun with Speed Scraps at Scrapmatters two days in a row :D
Almost pulled a scrapping muscle there, but I dragged my self over the finish line. And this is what I made:


elements and papers from Troublemaker by Flergs; alpha from After School by Lynne-Marie; template by me

Last summer we went in several stores looking for a small skate board for MT. But everyone was sold out. In the end we gave up and I think MT forgot that he wanted it sooooo badly. The snow board he got for Christmas helped probably... But when I looked fo
r a small extra gift for his birthday I found it: a skate board in his size. He was so happy and have been trying it ever since. Like everything else it's not as easy to jump and ...... as he thinks so right now he's a bit upset with it. But I'm sure he's going to pick it up again soon - practice makes master!


papers and elements from In the Neighborhood by Casey Krause; string and staple by Britt-ish design; template by me

Journal: I love watching how spring takes over and chasing the winter away. This year it came early.

This last one was one of my ct-assignment at Pretty Scrappy this month. Orginally I fell for the bold colors and the drawings, but in the end I used a couple of white papers and very few elements... ooops. The alpha is gorgeous, though.

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