26 November 2008

thankful for

It's busy this time of season for a pastor, but here it is, as I promised the other day. My second layout made by Jess Gordon's new kit: Christmas Heart. Right now her store is 50% off, if you're ready for a great deal :) You can also find more great inspirational LO's made with this kit at her blog.

This is the season of gratitude and I'm so thankful for so much; this is my current top 5.

template and word art by Emily Powers; paper and elements from Christmas Heart by Jess Gordon

This LO also goes to the gratitude challenge at Hodge Podge Art. It's still open a few days ;)

Happy Thanksgiving to anyone that celebrates that!!

24 November 2008

Christmas Heart

Saturday I got an email from Jess asking if I would join her "one kit ct-call" one more time, she was about to open her own store (the store is open now, check her out!) and needed some LO's to go with her new kit Christmas Heart.

I love getting such emails - off course I would scrap for her! After downloading the kit I found that this was a beautiful kit filled to the brim with Christmas love, but without being the standard red, green and white. I've had so much fun scrapping with it this weekend and look forward to do more as I get around to it. ;)

Here is the previews:

(click the images to go to the store)

Isn't it GORGEOUS?!!?!!

I have plenty of photos from the last three Christmas' with MT so it was about time I scrapped another Christmas LO. So this is what I made:

template by Jeni Hopewell; brush, funky stems, by Britt-ish design; all else from Christmas Heart by Jess Gordon.

journal: MT's very first Christmas was celebrated at the farm. Grandma and Grandpa were so happy to have us living there for a month. This photo was taken when we helped Grandma dress the tree on December 23rd. I loved watching how much fun they had together sharing the joy of the season. Christmas is our family's favorite time of the year!
I did another one as well, but that'll be for another post, since I have an early morning tomorrow - and it's already past midnight. Better get to bed soon!! Night :D

lime ;)

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23 November 2008

created beautiful

I redid the photo I made as a gift for my uncle's birthday, this is edition 2:

border and stitching by Emily Powers; stitches and bow (around photo) from Erica Zahne

I love that flower!!

19 November 2008

speed scrapping again

Last night (my time) there was a speed scrap at scrapmatters. And after getting MT to bed, I joined in on it. This time it took me so long to come up with a story. I felt like I had nothing to tell. That wasn't the truth, though, there is always plenty to tell once I find the right angle ;)

So this was what I told:

credits: papers, alpha and elements from kindred spirit by Scrapmuss designs and Erica Zane (I blended both background paper and alpha); hanging clips and yellow paper (blended with the alpha) from the bright side by Britt-ish design; 5 button by Mira design

journal: MT and the other 5 year olds got a advent calendar from church last Sunday. I stood in the back and took a few photos to remember the day by and even though they are a bit blurry and “long distance” I love them. And this one is my favorite. If I hadn’t snapped it I never would have seen the look of joy, happiness and curiosity in the face of my son and how he shows the other kids what he finds on the calendar. Maybe he’ll become a pastor like his mummy one day after all. LOL.

I even have a couple more of these photos, so I think there is another scrap coming :D Maybe that's for the next speed scrap?! Seems like that is the only time I get on with stuff and don't use the whole day going to and from...

Enjoy life - and SMILE!
lime :)

16 November 2008

made a gift...

birthday guy

My uncle celebrated his birthday today and I made him this:

I printed it out and framed it and I was very happy giving him something I spent some hours creating.

my uncle

It's my first try on real word art, and even though I need some more practice, I had so much fun trying it out ;) I most certainly will do this again!

I made a puzzle with the words, because I wanted to focus on some of the words (FAGERT, beautiful + ÆVA, eternity + HJARTA, heart) - and keep it inside a square. My uncle got a bit confused trying to read it, but got it right in the end. I might do it a bit simpler to read next time around, but I also like that you need to focus and search a bit to get it right........

Anyhow this is how it is in Norwegian: Alt skapte han fagert i si tid, jamvel æva har han lagt i hjarta deira. In English: He has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the hearts of men (Ecclesiastes 3:11).

Hopefully there is a movie on or something, I'm tired but not quite ready for bed.... No movie, so boring, should get myself to bed now it's late and I am really tired(!)

Best wishes for the week to come!

Lime ;)

decorating - CT

Couldn't help but do another! Originally I planned to have this photo together with the onces from Christmas Eve (see post below), but it didn't fit. And now I'm glad I didn't push it, because it looks so much better on it's own :D

paper and elements from All I Want for Christmas by Pretty Scrappy; alpha, word art and glitter splat from Britt-ish design; gold stars, circle and swirl from E. Lash; bubble by Megan Fisher.

The photo is a bit blurry, I posterized it and I LOVE how it turned out!! This is the first time I used brushes to make a frame (the stars around the photo), I've been so frighten of dealing with brushes - but this was both easy and just what I wanted for this LO. I love Christmas :D

15 November 2008

christmas eve 2006 - CT

The last couple of weeks I've been a CT for the Pretty Scrappy shop. It's a bit new to me and I've been a bit confused lately about how everything runs, but I think I've started to get the hang of it ;) Hopefully the gallery at their site is back online soon as well, right now they have a bug.....so we have a no posting policy.

Since I was so late last week, I decided to get a head start on next week's assignment. I've used the new kit All I Want for Christmas from (and by) Pretty Scrappy.

I've been working on this all day. It almost drove me crazy, but finally I got it like I wanted!!

And here it is, our Christmas Eve of 2006:

papers and element from All I Want for Christmas by Pretty Scrappy; swirl and eyelet ribbon from Stacy Crossley design, pretty scrappy; stitches from Britt-ish design, scrapmatters; tree stamp from november kit by Songbird Avenue

Journal: We celebrated Christmas Eve by our selves in 2006. It was our own decision and we had a great time together just the two of us. We ate the traditional Christmas dinner and then we opened gifts while we played some Christmas tunes and had time to appreciate each and every present. MT was so happy and we both enjoyed our evening.

fall beauties - CT

Edited to add a preview of the kit.

I've been doing another ct-assignment for the Pretty Scrappy place. This time with an all new kit that barely have made it to the store. The designer behind it is 88 designs by M and the kit is called Journey Home.

It's kind of winterly around here. But I went back to fall for this kit:

template by Britt-ish design; papers and elements from Journey Home by 88 designs by M; frame and ribbons from Backyard Summer by Creations by Rachael B; alpha by GG digital design

journal: I brought my camera with me outside to capture this nature work of art. I was intrigued to see the flowers still blooming even though it had been cold for several days. Of course there is dying as well, but that only adds to the beauty, strangely enough.....
It's late here at my house. I'm waiting for a download to finish and then I'm off to la-la-land ;) More scraps tomorrow, I've just downloaded another kit from Pretty Scrappy to ct....

13 November 2008

I just love speed scraps, I can't help myself. Lately I've been able to attend the evening one as well, even though it is in the middle of the night. I do it because it makes me smile, it's fun to scrap with others and to see what they makes out of the instructions AND nothing makes me do scrapbook pages that I am happy with faster than this.

This I did in the night before Wednesday:

template by Scrapmuss design (I love this template!!); papers and elements from "Let's kick it!" by Britt-ish design; date from Simply Sweet design

In February we visited old friends back west. We miss them a lot and it was great to see MT having so much fun with his old pals. Even though it also was strange and sad for him that his place and seat in the kindergarten was taken over by others. We moved and everything changed.

I'm really pleased with this, even with the journaling!!


10 November 2008


I joined in on the daytime speed scrap at scrapmatters tonight (my time!). I scrapped some of my favorite photos from our February stay at our friends last winter.

So I give you the SOUR taster ;)

template, paper (yellow), date tag and alpha by Britt-ish design; papers by E. Lash; stitches, staple, bracket and hanging clip from the new kit "let's kick it" by Britt-ish design; swirl from the November kit from Songbird Avenue

journal: MT got to taste a lemon at our friends house. He was curious about the taste and liked the smell of it. Now he knows to stay away. He likes things SWEET not SOUR
Right now I'm trying to download my next kit for my ct-assignment from Pretty Scrappy, but my internet connection isn't much working right now.... :( have to wait till tomorrow since it's already midnight - and I have an early morning.

So; night!!
lime ;)

09 November 2008

fishing with my friends

For some odd reason this LO haven't gotten it's own post before now. I finished it a few days ago, working as a ct for the Pretty Scrappy place with the Backyard Summer kit from Creations by Rachael. This was the first LO I made, summer time was the second.

This summer MT got to spend some time with our friends and neighbors from when we used to live by the large fjord. It was so nice for him to stay with them for a couple of days since he has missed them so much. It was also great because I've never taken him fishing and now he even got the chance to go out on the fjord. They fished some fishes that looked just like small sharks, MT found that so funny and exiting :D

Here they are, the fishing buddies:

stitches by DeCrow design, we are storytellers; template by Britt-ish design, scrapmatters; papers, alpha and elements by creations by Rachael B, pretty scrappy

journal reads: On our summer vacation MT got to spend some time with our old neighbors and friends. He even got to go fishing. Lucky guy. That is great memories to bring back to our inland home.
I'm back home after a great 24-hours with family. And even though the weather could been better it was so nice them all. It's Fathers Day here in Norway today and it was nice to be able to give my dad a hug and a big Congrats!

08 November 2008

summer time

//Edit: this LO got chosen as layout of the day at digi chicks. I'm honored and happy :D Thank you, guys!//

We are rushing out of here, but before I go I wanted to show you my latest LO.

this is Summer Time to me:

template by Emily Powers, we are storytellers
all else from backyard summer by creations by Rachael B, pretty scrappy
(I'll hook up the links when I'm back online, sorry) Done.

journal: Sun. Ice cream. Happy kid. Rain. Friends. Fjord. Vacation. Beach. Memories. Farm. Warm days. Hot. Greens. Visitors. Summer nights. Barbecue. Grow. Slower pace. Visiting. Family. Blue sky. Snake. Thunder storm. Outdoor living. Less TV. Bike. Bathing. Shorts. Busy at work. Responsibillities. Land mower. Mountain. Water. Butter flies. Joy. Sun burn. Smile. Happiness. Crops.
Better go! See you guys later :D
Enjoy the weekend!!

07 November 2008

the soccer guy

I've been speed scrapping again at Scrapmatters. It is so fun, but this time I really felt the rush at the end and barely finished in time. I hope I can continue speed scrapping also next week, even though I'm back at work. Maybe not the night time, though ;)

This is what I came up with, inspired by Britt's newest kit:
all by Britt-ish design.
Paper and embellishments from her new kit Let's Kick It. I love the colors, useful for so much more than sports!! Don't forget to jump over to her site, there is a freebie awaiting as well...

Ever since I met MT he has been in love with playing soccer. When we lived in Sogn he often played in our front yard and if I joined him he was all smiles. These photo is from one such day. I love that he has a passion for the game and hope that he can keep the joyness of it all also when he’s old enough to play in the kids league.....
One of these days I hope I find the inspiration and time to make a proper heading for the blog. I don't like the current one very much! But I have to go to bed earlier today and I have a few other projects this weekend, so it might take me some time. But it is on my agenda :D

Ok, signing out now. Sleep tight.

Lime ;)

my everyday life, ed. 1

I'm working on my everyday life project for November (I shot a photo each hour, more or less, yesterday, and plan to do that each month...) - I have added all the photos, but nothing more. I plan to write a bit about each of the photos and to add some papers and embellishments. So this is not the final result, just ed. 1 :D

template by Scrapmuss design
(I've added 16 squares)

And now I really have to go to bed. Need some sleep! My kid is a bit sick and will probably stay home tomorrow, so I need all the energy I can get..... He is no fun when he is bored. But he's really cute, though, and my absolute favorite boy in this wold!!

06 November 2008

the ski jump

I usually hate getting up early in the morning. I'm such a B-person (or what you call it in English...). But there is one thing that can get me out of bed and that is speed scrapping. It is so fun and also a bit challenging so it gets me on my toes. Last night I joined Brittney and the others for some scrapping speed, it took me a bit too long to get out of bed so this time i never did catch up on the conversation. But this is what I scrapped:

template for Tuesday Template Challenge by scrapmuss design; alpha, button and frame from The Bright Side by Britt-ish design; paper and elements from Songbird Avenue, November kit, Frosty Kisses.

journal: MT is seriously in love with winter. When the snow came he jumped up and down of joy and wanted to go skiing right away. He's quite good at skiing, but one of the things he really want to do is to jump with his skis. For that he need to build a ski jump and practice his skills.

I love the overall feel of it, but I was planning to add some sort of instruction answering the how to in the title, and why on earth do I always forget to add shadows these days??!! I'll add to it this weekend and will post it again on Sunday. I'm planning to make a winter book using these LOs with the Frosty Kisses kit, so I want it all to be as good as I can make it ;)

I'm off to do some house cores. Back later to work on my photos from yesterday documenting my day. Here is a few snippets of it:

03 November 2008

frost nature

I'm loving the nature around us.
When you go close up they are like fine art .

A frosty collection:

November kit from Songbird Avenue, FROSTY KISSES; alpha by Britt-ish design; font by Ali; template by Scrapmuss design

01 November 2008

new kit at songbird avenue

Songbird Avenue is out with a new kit, FROSTY KISSES. It is so gorgeous and perfect for all my winter photos!! The guest designers for this November kit are Little Dreamer Designs. 100% of this month’s profits will benefit the Toys for Tots.

I just had to scrap a few of the photos from today (I have a bunch, will upload tomorrow!). Those snow flakes will be used over and over again, and the papers are so diverse and beautiful - not to mention many!

paper and elements from the november kit from Songbird Avenue; alpha by Britt-ish design; date by Mira design; template by Jen*uine Artistry

I'm sitting here by the fire writing this, waiting for it to burn out so I can go to bed. I'm tired. Should have slept some more last night, but was late in bed. Seems like it's almost impossible to call it a night before 1 am these days..... Not good, I know, gives me a head ace. But there is so much scrapping to do! :D


Happy Digital Scrapbooking Day

Wow, I've never heard of this day before now. But I'm certainly going to take advantage of the great discounts and freebies around the digi scrap world. How fun! :D Check out my creative juice on my sidebar for great places to visit. Enjoy.

snow happy MT

...but that will be later, first we are going outside in the beautiful, sunshiny and snowy winter day. I'll be sure to bring the camera, I plan to scrap more about our first snow later tonight. I also have a story to tell at limeblog.net - hopefully later tonight. I'll tell you when it's told(!)

Have a GREAT day!

lime ;)