19 November 2008

speed scrapping again

Last night (my time) there was a speed scrap at scrapmatters. And after getting MT to bed, I joined in on it. This time it took me so long to come up with a story. I felt like I had nothing to tell. That wasn't the truth, though, there is always plenty to tell once I find the right angle ;)

So this was what I told:

credits: papers, alpha and elements from kindred spirit by Scrapmuss designs and Erica Zane (I blended both background paper and alpha); hanging clips and yellow paper (blended with the alpha) from the bright side by Britt-ish design; 5 button by Mira design

journal: MT and the other 5 year olds got a advent calendar from church last Sunday. I stood in the back and took a few photos to remember the day by and even though they are a bit blurry and “long distance” I love them. And this one is my favorite. If I hadn’t snapped it I never would have seen the look of joy, happiness and curiosity in the face of my son and how he shows the other kids what he finds on the calendar. Maybe he’ll become a pastor like his mummy one day after all. LOL.

I even have a couple more of these photos, so I think there is another scrap coming :D Maybe that's for the next speed scrap?! Seems like that is the only time I get on with stuff and don't use the whole day going to and from...

Enjoy life - and SMILE!
lime :)

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