07 November 2008

the soccer guy

I've been speed scrapping again at Scrapmatters. It is so fun, but this time I really felt the rush at the end and barely finished in time. I hope I can continue speed scrapping also next week, even though I'm back at work. Maybe not the night time, though ;)

This is what I came up with, inspired by Britt's newest kit:
all by Britt-ish design.
Paper and embellishments from her new kit Let's Kick It. I love the colors, useful for so much more than sports!! Don't forget to jump over to her site, there is a freebie awaiting as well...

Ever since I met MT he has been in love with playing soccer. When we lived in Sogn he often played in our front yard and if I joined him he was all smiles. These photo is from one such day. I love that he has a passion for the game and hope that he can keep the joyness of it all also when he’s old enough to play in the kids league.....
One of these days I hope I find the inspiration and time to make a proper heading for the blog. I don't like the current one very much! But I have to go to bed earlier today and I have a few other projects this weekend, so it might take me some time. But it is on my agenda :D

Ok, signing out now. Sleep tight.

Lime ;)

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