16 November 2008

made a gift...

birthday guy

My uncle celebrated his birthday today and I made him this:

I printed it out and framed it and I was very happy giving him something I spent some hours creating.

my uncle

It's my first try on real word art, and even though I need some more practice, I had so much fun trying it out ;) I most certainly will do this again!

I made a puzzle with the words, because I wanted to focus on some of the words (FAGERT, beautiful + ÆVA, eternity + HJARTA, heart) - and keep it inside a square. My uncle got a bit confused trying to read it, but got it right in the end. I might do it a bit simpler to read next time around, but I also like that you need to focus and search a bit to get it right........

Anyhow this is how it is in Norwegian: Alt skapte han fagert i si tid, jamvel æva har han lagt i hjarta deira. In English: He has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the hearts of men (Ecclesiastes 3:11).

Hopefully there is a movie on or something, I'm tired but not quite ready for bed.... No movie, so boring, should get myself to bed now it's late and I am really tired(!)

Best wishes for the week to come!

Lime ;)

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