12 December 2008

faith; ct-scrap

Time have been so busy lately, but tonight I got some time to scrap. I don't think I ever have had so much white space in a layout before :) The shadowing almost drove me crazy, but I got it the way I wanted in the end.
This is my CT assignment at Pretty Scrappy and I used babyyaks' kit september baby.

template by Britt-ish design; all else from september baby kit by babyyaks.

My faith is my foundation for this life as well as the next. I used to work in that church, and took this photo of it right before I moved.

Better get some sleep.

1 comment:

Helen said...

I like it, maybe because you made it "simple". And "faith" is a good word for it as well. Look forward to see your next scrap. Enjoy the weekend :)