16 February 2009

2 new M-boys; CT scrap

Saturday I finally finished my CT-assignment for last week, I think I tried this in three different ways before I got the look I wanted.... I used the soft and light kit called Baby's First Christmas by Stacey Crossley Designs available at Pretty Scrappy (preview to the right).

I love this photo of MT hugging little M while Great Grandma is holding the baby. Love the expression of carefulness on MT's face. He was so scared of hugging little M too hard :D

template by Alamama, Scrapmatters; paper and elements from Baby's first Christmas by Stacey Crossley Designs; heart element from Love and Kisses - February collab kit from Pretty Scrappy; alpha by Britt-ish design, scrapmatters

journal: I love how MT gives little M a hug, ever so carefully..

In October of 2005 I adopted my boy and brought him home, in December of the same year my cousin became father to his little boy. Here they are with their great grandma on her 95th birthday party. Both boys was new to our family, one baby and one 2,5 years old. They both got the same name as their Great Grandpa had. Great Grandma couldn’t be more proud.

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