04 February 2009

Speed Scrapping for Rachael B :D

I finally got to speed scrap again tonight, it's been SO long ago and I missed it terribly. It was a rush, as always, but so fun with a scrap page finished in two hours. And I actually like it!!!! What is better than that?! ;)

As you can see of my title; I used this speed scrap to scrap with a kit I just downloaded a few hours ago: Winter Wonderland by Creations by B.

It's one of my February assignment as a CT at Pretty Scrappy. And it's gorgeous (look up, click image to go to the store), I'm sure to use something form this kit for other winter photos!!

This was my first try ever to use a grid (or storyboard), and I will for sure use that again. It was fun and a super way to get more photos into the LO without crowding it too much :)

My kid is good at skiing, at least for his age - but he desperately wants to do like the big boys. So he tries and tries until he gets there. That's ENDURANCE in my book. Way to go kiddo!

grid by Mushy (Michelle Filo); alpha by Britt-ish design; papers and elements from Winter Wonderland by Creation by Rachael B.

I AM SO PROUD of you for hanging in there and NOT GIVING UP, even though you fell more times than you stood. But at last you made it over the little jump; just because you tried ONE MORE TIME!

It's late here, better go to bed. I'll add a few links later. Night!!


Helen said...

It`s cute :)

Helen said...

And it was a nice day - we love skiing :)