19 June 2009

simply perfect + reminder

A little reminder
: only a couple of days left of the template challenge. If you haven't already, jump to this post, download the template and join in the challenge. There will be a price of $3 for the winning layout!! :)

I wanted to show the layouts I made last week joining in on the Sue Cummings spotlight challenge Simply Perfect at Oscraps. It was so much fun - and so many talented scrappers attending - and I'm so happy for being able to make a new LO for 6 of the 7 days the challenge lasted. I got nominated for layout of the day on 5 of the 6 LO's and on Sunday I won the price. I was so happy and proud and couldn't believe how lucky I was - and now I have $25 to use in Sue's shop. Yay!!

Here are the LO's:
for credits, journaling - and to leave me some love please click the images.

Tuesday - perfect spring day at the beach

Wednesday - cup o' coffee

Thursday - in a Pink Cadillac

Friday - the PERFECT new bike

Saturday - perfect SMILE

Sunday - the most PERFECT day

It was a PERFECT week
I've joined in on a few of these spotlights at Oscarps and they are always fun. This week I had so little time for the challenge (and even less time to dig out some older photos - even though it would be fun) - but hoping to attend next week / spotlight. Come join me?! ;)


Anonymous said...

I'm am SO glad you enjoyed this -- and I really enjoyed each one of your LO's (as you know!). Just happened to see your comment in the forum and saw your blog....so came visiting. And love the looks of your new template. Actually a brilliant way of getting all my unscrapped photos done quickly this summer break. I will try hard to get a page done in time for your challenge but am not yet on break - a couple more days of heavy work....but soon....

Either way will post it or share it w/you. I love good templates! Thanks for the freebie.

Colleen Chi-Girl

lime said...

Thank you so much <3 Can't wait to see what you'll make! :)