27 July 2009

christmas in july...

The Daily Digi got me do it!!

I'm not one for being early when it comes to preparing for December and Christmas. Late November usually suits me just fine.

That was before this post and this image:

Isn't it just beautiful!! (creation and image by Janet Phillips - the daily digi)

It got me wanting to make something gorgeous for our first upcoming Advent- and Christmas time in the old pastor house (yep, moving there this fall).

To be honest I've wanted to do one of these ever since I first saw the idea of December Daily at Ali's blog last year. So in December 2008 I took a lot of photos and even wrote a journal (where is that anyway?!?!), my plan was to make the pages digital and then print them all as a photo book. But I never came around to actually making it...... (and then my computer got hungry and ate all my photos...or rather he got sick with a virus).

But no shame in trying again! And this year I'm eager to make my own album. I've never done that before, but why not?!?!

I downloaded Janet's bracket shape and made a few shapes of my own to make the album a mix max of different shapes and possibilities. I clipped on papers from "Have A Jolly Holiday" collection by Gina Marie Huff and printed them out at home. Tonight I plan on cutting out the rest of the shapes and bind the pages together with a lace or something (have to go to a hobby store to get rings to bind it; no one of those around so I'll do that later).

These are a few of the pages I've got printet; together with gold cardboard card stock they are making up my fundation for the december daily 2009 album. I'll add photos and journaling cards as I see fit when I get to the actually days. The goal is to make the album as we go so I don't have to make 25 pages at Boxing Day!! Whis me luck ;)

This is me hoping to actually get an album filled with photos and words (and those gorgeous doodles by Gina) by New Years. I'll keep you posted....in December(!)

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Anonymous said...

Yes it`s beautiful and the one you are going to make will be beatiful too. You are really early for December this year :)